I have a sister in an assisted living situation which can get very expensive and non affordable. With her deceased husband being a veteran it was suggested that she apply for the Veterans Aid in Attendance Benefit that she may qualify for. I started to do some research and felt a bit overwhelmed with properly filling out the required forms. So, on a recommendation I contacted Long Term Assurance. Now I live in Michigan and they are in Arizona so I was a bit skeptical on how this would play out. But it was no problem, they e-mailed me a list of required documentation, which I had to assemble and mail off to them. They did the dirty work of filling out the forms to be sent to Veteran’s Affair. It took several months but she was approved for the benefit which has helped in her expenses. I highly recommend Long Term Assurance they were very easy to work with very well versed in what they are doing. Made my life easier and my sister and I are very grateful that she has this Pension Benefit.
Thanks again Long Term Assurance.