Industry Expert Testimonials

Hi Sandy,

Although I have taken a 6 month sabbatical from all things senior, I was really impressed with your VA&A presentation at Generations at Agritopia.  I’ve been in this field for 11 years and you not only explained a very complicated topic well… really impressed me with the way you cover your client’s needs forever.

I took your material, as promised, and handed it to Marguerite.  I gave you a well-deserved and glowing recommendation and Marguerite was thrilled to know you are available as a resource.  Please feel free to call her to schedule a meeting to discuss this further.

From my end, this is my neighborhood and I work very hard to ensure my neighbors are as informed as they need to be.  You are someone they should know about.

Susan A. Kasprak BSW

Client Testimonials

Hello Sandy,

“Thank you again so much for your wonderful and efficient service in obtaining the VA Aid and Attendance Pension for my father. You exceeded our expectations and the first pension deposit of $2,085 was made to his checking account yesterday. Start to finish less than 3 months! Impressive.”

Thank you Sandy!

“The package arrived here on Monday and I have to say I was surprised by how quickly the govt turn it around! Dad received the full amount of the benefit as well. Many thanks to you and your staff because I know we could never have accomplished this without everyone at Long Term Assurance..
Your organization is very impressive, Sandy! Your professionalism and responsiveness to US Vets is so admirable. You must sleep well at night! Thanks again for all you’ve done to help Fred!”